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Manglik Dosha

Umashankarji best psychic in Pietermaritzburg says a person who has an affliction of Mars in his or her chart. They should perform this yagna. Manglik Dosha in your birth chart can be really a big obstacle in your personal life. Moreover that the nature of this Manglik dosha would be effective.

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Astrologer Uma Shankar

    Astrologer Uma Shankar

    Get manglik dosha shanti Pooja

    To clarify match making most famous and sadistic problem is Manglik Dosha. In reality, it is not Manglil Dosh but it is call Sumanglik dosha. best psychic in Pietermaritzburg says it means problem in auspicious events of marriage life. In other words, stoppage in something auspicious or good work is known as Mangala Dosha. Therefore dosha is known as a very big problem in marriage life. At the same time  do Pooja for manglik dosha. Meanwhile we live in a modern world but there are certain things that we still believe in and one of them is marriage between two individuals.

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    In addition let us have a look at what does manglik exactly mean and what are its effects?

    Further Get manglik dosh shanti Pooja by Umashankarji.

    Manglik Dosha is a dosh found in a Jathaka or Kundali. However consider astrologically bad. Meanwhile Mars is call Mangal in sanskrit and an astrological situation is form when mangal in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a individual horoscope. Subsequently this is known as Mangal Dosha and people who have this are call Manglik.

    Mangal Dosha Harm Marriage


    To sum up Manglik dosha, which is popularly known as ‘Mangli’, is very inauspicious because an afflicte native may remain unmarry throughout his life. Similarly naturally there is a general fear amongst people about the Manglik dosha. Certainly negative results of this planet on their life, which especially affects marriage.

    Importance of Mars


    Mars in Ascendant An Ascendant is the significator of a native’s health, physique, and personality. Also a native is aggressive and lack politeness if Mars is in Ascendant. In the same vein he may have a rigid and vindictive nature under a malefic Mars in Ascendant.

    Managal Dosha End Life


    Astrological analysis of Manglik dosha Vedic astrology has consider Mars as an Ascendant and its placement in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house as inauspicious. Mars is a killer of the marriage life in these houses.

    Effects of Manglik Dosha


    Manglik dosha causes delay in marriage. There are people who don’t get marriage even when they turn 40 years. When a person with manglik dosha marries a non-manglik person, it causes severe outcomes, resulting in death of the spouse or chances of getting physically paralyze.

    Effect on Relationships


    In conclusion a Mars afflict native may face separation from his or her spouse. Therefore may be a constant difference and anxiety between the couple. Mars from the 2nd house aspects the 5th, 8th and 9th house of the native’s kundli. These aspects of Mars cast negative instincts in children of the native.

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