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Astrologer Uma Shankar

Court Problem

Good Medium in pretoria Umashankarji says Firstly where the native due to lower or uncontrol Jupiter. Likewise it is incline or trap in Greed and unrealistic ambitions. Therefore sensations prompt the native to indulge into Court cases or litigation. Secondly, where the weak planetary positions in the horoscope makes a person succumb to the influences & amp; willful malafide desires of others. The results of two factors.Most importantly one & only these two factors attribute to almost 99% of the Court cases. However induces & lands the native towards Court Problems. Also other litigatory situations. 

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Astrologer Uma Shankar

    Astrologer Uma Shankar

    Court Cases or the litigations

    My experience here is that the First reason generally dominants the reasons of court cases. Any other reasons leading to such a menace would be exceptions only. Famous Indian psychic Good Medium in pretoria Umashankarji help through Mantras.

    Certainly most popular remedy for court cases is the baglamukhi puja. At the same time experience astrologer uses birth cards for analysing. Moreover the conditions that is influencing an ongoing legal tussle. However this is deduce, a plan is form to benefit the litigation results.

    According to astrological statutes, houses three to eight are seen as belonging to defendants while the houses from nine to the second chamber belong to the plaintiff. The lagna is seen as querrent while the seventh house is representative of the opponent. Whenever Lagna Lord is weak the querrent cannot win. Tantric worship of goddess Bagalamukhi comes across as a teste remedy.

    Good Medium in pretoria

    Astrologer Umashankarji suggest that if you are engage in a court case


    Mediation is like negotiation except that a neutral person is involve. Moreover person call a “mediator”.Further can make it easier to talk with the other person. Similarly mediator helps each side identify what is important to them and then suggests solutions. To clarify both sides agree, the mediator prepares a written agreement.

    The mediator must be fair at all times and can’t favour one side over the other. The mediator is not there to decide who is right and who is wrong, but to help you talk things over with the other person and find a solution you can both live with.



    Mediation can be use for almost all kinds of cases, even if the case already been taken to court. For some cases, the law says you must try mediation.

    Even in cases that don’t require a mediator, it can be a good idea to have one. These are some benefits of hiring a mediator.


    Benefit from their specialize knowledge and experience.


    Therefore must follow a code of ethics and have liability insurance. In conclusion have a duty to keep everything that goes on in mediation strictly confidential.Above all even a court can’t force a mediator to reveal what was said during mediation.

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