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1. Flicking through TV Channels and all of them are on Ad breaks.

But then when you do find the remote and are able to flick through the channels, you get even more annoyed because every station is on an ad break.

2.Losing The TV Remote

It doesn’t even matter if the television is actually on the right station, you need to find the remote so that when the ads come on you can entertain yourself by flicking aimlessly through the channels.

3.The Phone charger cable not being able to reach your Bed

You might even rearrange your bed, or lie on the floor, so you can scroll aimlessly through Facebook or some other website. We all know we’d be much better off reading a book or something, but there are no cat memes in books so what can you do?

4. Ads

But even on YouTube you can’t escape the dreaded ads. You better just hope you can skip it after 5 seconds and not end up on one of the videos that don’t let you skip any of it and make you watch the full 30 seconds of whatever TV ad I went onto YouTube to avoid in the first place.

5.Not Being Able To Skip The Ads on Live TV

Online streaming has ruin our ability to be patient when it comes to television. So on the rare occasions when you are watching live TV, not being able to skip the ads is really annoying. Maybe we should look at the whole reading a book idea again.No, don’t be ridiculous, I’ll just go on YouTube instead.

6.Slow WiFi Anywhere

And of course the reason for the videos buffering is slow WiFi, which can ruin anyone’s day. You better just hope your bedroom isn’t in one of the dead zones in your house.

7.Changing Your Password On Facebook

And then having to sign in all over again on your phone, tablet and laptop.

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8.Being Hungry But Not For Any Of The Food In Your Fridge

When you’re on your own in your house and have nothing to do, boredom becomes almost synonymous with hunger, and you find yourself getting up from the couch at every ad break just to stare into the fridge, even though you should know full well that nothing has changed. The only time you actually want anything is the day the food shopping.

9.Earphones Becoming Tangled In Your Pocket

It doesn’t matter how tightly you wrap them or what method you use to tie them up, little elves will crawl into your pocket, undo all of your good work, and then mess them up as much as possible.

10.Forgetting Where You Park

There are times I’ve gone to a shopping center and I can’t even remember what floor of the multi-store car park my car is on, let alone where it’s parked on that particular floor.

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11. Catching Up With A TV Show

That you’ve been binge-watching for the last week, only to find out that you are now up to date with it, and have to wait a week for the next episode to be shown in America before you can watch it.

12.Phone Battery Running Out In Public

You almost go into survival mode when the low battery warning pops up on your screen, rationing the use of your phone just like a soldier rations his water supply on the front line. Because the two situations are exactly the same.

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Love spells in Mauritius

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