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Vashikaran specialist in Mauritius Umashankarji it is all about your life’s journey. Whenever you are sick, you go to a doctor. Therefore doctor sends you for some tests and analyses the lab reports to know about your current issues and problems.

Vashikaran specialist in Mauritius analysis similar to the lab test report. Most importantly is a tool to decipher present issues and problems. However depending on the present position of your life journey path. Likewise a doctor gives you medicines to bring homeostasis in your health. Umashankarji the astrologer suggests the use of various energy equalizer methods.

Love spells in Mauritius we refer to astrology as astrologer means Jyotishi. Jyoti means light and ish is god i.e. light is the god. In Jyotish, we are talking about the sun: the source of light and it’s planets (solar system). Sun is the primary source of energy for our survival. Without the sun, we difficult to imagine life. The source of life is light both for plants and animals and for that matter, all forms of life on earth. Sunlight has a spectrum of frequencies from Infra Red (IR) to Ultra Violet (UV). In between, we have the visible range frequencies Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red (VIBGYOR).


We know that IR and UV are invisible to naked eyes (TV remote uses IR). Hence in Jyotish, we call these two extreme ranges (two nodes) Chhayas (shadows). This is apt because we cannot see this spectrum.
The wavelength of IR is bigger than red, red is bigger than orange and so on. As the frequencies become higher, the wavelengths become smaller, as the wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency.

How UV rays of Nakshatras influence us?

Stars emanate Ultra- Violet rays. In Jyotish, 27 nakshatras (stars) have been identified, which influence us. UV rays from these stars get reflected by the moon ( as the moon reflects sunlight ). These UV rays effect and influence our brain neurons, pituitary, pineal glands, hormonal secretions and create an Operating system (OS) in brain hardware. The way we perceive, behave, our innate nature (selfishness, compassion, anger and ethical principles etc) all these are determined by UV rays of a particular star we belong to. Each star has its own characteristics. Hence, depending on which star applies to a person, he/she behaves, thinks, and conducts himself/herself.


Kundali means a coiled form. It is your inherited inherent karmic accumulation balance sheet. To sum up this balance sheet has all the debt and credits of your karmas of past life. Nature  makes us accountable for all our actions and pronounces awards or rewards and punishments. However whole system is autonomous and impartial.

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