Mercury in Astrology

MERCURY is the closest planet to the Sun and is never more than 28° far from him. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo symbols of the Zodiac. His highest exaltation is at 15° Virgo and profound incapacitation at 15° Pisces.

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Strong Mercury makes the native energetic, active, intelligent, flexible and analytical. Mercury has quick grasping handle on power, great memory, impressive speech ability, great writing skill and an aptitude for the occult sciences.

The Sun and Venus are companions of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are impartial; and the Moon is antagonistic to him. Being a mellow planet, Mercury retains the characteristics of the planet he connects with. 

The Ascendant is the pivot of the horoscope. The quality of the Ascendant ruler, the house involved by him and the nature and lordship of planet(s) situated in or aspecting the Ascendant impact the character of the person.

The second house identifies with speech and wealth. The third house (being the eighth from the eighth) identifies with life span and study of mysterious subjects too. The fourth house demonstrates mental quality and the fifth house indicates dhi (wisdom).

Sruti (Vedic learning) and foresight (knowledge of future). The ninth house identifies with higher learning and religious interests. The tenth house identifies with Karma (occupation), status and satkirti (great reputation).

The tenth house is likewise called worn (zenith or sky) and identifies with anything past this world or the supernatural. 

A strong second house (fifth from tenth) indicates information of super natural matters.

The master of the second place of the Zodiac is Venus and of the tenth, Saturn. Subsequently, the relation among Venus and Saturn in the horoscope winds up essential for an successful astrologer.

The eleventh house represents prapti (gain), siddhi (satisfaction) and vaihhava (success). It is an established astrological tenet that the house involved by the eleventh master thrives.

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The eleventh and third houses, being Upachaya are between related. The area of the eleventh ruler in the third gives great purushartha (venture) for accomplishing learning.

The eleventh house is likewise the ninth (higher instinctive staff) from the third house. The eleventh master in the third or aspecting the third makes the native capable in occult studies. 

Combinations for Proficiency

Astrology Planet Mercury – Sloka 1 

If Mercury is in the fourth house, the individual ends up capable in Astrology. 

Astrology Planet Mercury – Sloka 2 

While the Sun. Mercury and Rahu, he in the fifth house, the native ends up learned in astrology. 

Astrology Planet Mercury – Sloka 3 

The individual turns out to be knowledgeable in crystal gazing if the Sun and Mercury in his horoscope are in second house. He turns into a mathematician if this blend is aspected by Saturn. 

Astrology Planet Mercury-Sloka 35 

On the off chance that Mercury is in a Kendra. The ruler of second house is strong and Venus is situated in the second or third house with a benefice; or if Venus is in exaltation in the second house, the local turns into the preeminent among the astrologers.

The sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are called ‘hidden’ houses. The eighth and twelfth houses manage with extra-sensory perceptions and have a significant job in the horoscopes of astrologers and mystics.

The ruler of the fifth in tenth would be in the sixth from the fifth; and the area of the tenth lord in the fifth would mean he is in the eighth from the tenth. The lord of tenth in the ninth is again in the twelfth from the tenth. 

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Astrology’s Planet Mercury – Sloka 39 

In the event that the lord of second is the Sun or Mars and is aspected by Jupiter and Venus and Mercury is in Parvatamsa (strong in a similar sign in 6 Vargas, the local knows the basis of crystal gazing. 

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (Chap 9, Sloka 91) additionally states: If Ketu involves the Ascendant, the fifth. ninth or the Karakamsa. the local turns into a specialist in mathematics and astrology.

Among the planets, Jupiter speaks to Gnana (Divine information), prosperity, status and fame in everyday life. Mercury represents knowledge, grasping power and prompt decision-making. Strong Mercury gives mathematical ability which forms the premise of astrological calculations.

The job of Mercury in making the native a capable astrologer is very significant.

Mars demonstrates vitality, sharpness and logic. The Sun is the wellspring of all learning and gives name, distinction and status to the native. Saturn gives steadiness, tolerance, and an exploration arranged personality.

A strong and unaffilicted Saturn implies more happiness and less misery in everyday life. The strength and relationship of these planets with the Ascendant and the Ascendant lord gives capability in astrology. 

Significance of Intuition 

The ability to comprehend and foresee what’s to come is decided by the fifth house (ninth from ninth). It additionally shows gains from people in general (being second from fourth – open).

The tenth identifies with profession. Any association of Jupiter with the Ascendant and its lord gives natural capacity to the native.

What’s more, if the Ascendant and its lord have an association with the fourth and twelfth houses and their rulers, it demonstrates that the local gains from people in general (fourth house), by deciphering their prospects in future, as the twelfth house is the ninth from the fourth. 

Among the trans-Saturn planets, Uranus (Herschel) is viewed as the planet of research ocult sciences and instinct. It is considered as the higher octave of Mercury.

At the point when Uranus is in the Ascendant or a trine, it demonstrates that the native is endowed with remarkable creativity, instinct and brilliant astrology powers.

At the point when the Sun or the Moon, Jupiter or Mercury has any association with Uranus, it supplies the native with great instinctive power. 

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In spite of the fact that the core values of astrology can be educated like some other subject, reality and veracity of forecast made by a astrology relies upon instinct.

The faculty of intuition is natural and is the consequence of subha karma (great deeds) of past births. It very well may be additionally sharpened by having a pious life.

Astrologer second to none with high instinct is destined to maintain the Divine Science of Astrology which is clear from their horoscopes.