Technique of Face-Reading by Astrology

Indian Astrology Techniques-Face reading, Palmistry and Numerology 

In the face reading, the initial impression is the most significant one. Every facial feature has property. For example the face shape might be square, individuals will be progressively practical, the oval might be sensitive, the rectangular might be ambitious and round face might be friendly. Face reading causes you to clarify a person’s characteristics. Are you interested in face reading? Just read this article for essential learning about readings. 

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In any case, face reading is little complicates and difficult to master. In the event that you need to have some basis learning and techniques of face reading. 

Shapes of faces:

Round shaped faces are additionally called Moon faces. They speak to apathy, absence of energy, creative and good humoured people. They love good food and highly domestic. 

Square shaped faces are called Earth faces. They speak to an tough and aggressive individual, offensive and sociable. They are reasonable for works where increasingly strong vitality is required. 

Rectangular shaped face speak to a honest, political and leadership characteristics. They are reasonable for professions as top level administrators and authorities. 

We can likewise have triangular appearances. An upstanding triangle which begins with narrow zone at the brow comes down widening similar to Fire face. This is an image for displeasure, low ability yet pretentious and rough person.

An upset triangle which winds up limited at the jaw line is likewise called Air face. This means a cheerful splendid personality, hyperactive and sensitive individual. This sort of face shows disturbed wedded life. 

Side Profile of face: 

  • Straight face speaks to an individual whose nature is adjusted. 
  • Concave face speaks to an individual who sees dark side of life. 
  • Convex face represents a person an optimist with a happy disposition.

In the event that a straight line is drawn from the edge of the eye towards the ear, it should simply contact the ear’s upper bit. In the event that the ear is situated over the straight line, it means the individual is of refined nature. 

Ear set low underneath the line and near the head speaks to criminal behaviour. 

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In the event that the ear is raised out from the head, with much hole between the head and ear, the individual relies upon inner self to gain success.


A high and even brow with a decent sparkling gives an individual knowledge and a rich life to appreciate. Any dark shades or dark wrinkles on brow speak to impediments in his vocation. Three clear lines on the brow give life span. 


In the event that the eyebrows are separate, it speaks to expansive mindedness. 

Eyebrows near one another speak to critical minded person who anticipates precision in each work. 

On the off chance that the eyebrows are high set, at that point it means an irresponsible attitude and predominant tastes. 

On the off chance that the eyebrows are low set and closer to the eyelids, at that point they speak to a reasonable and calculative nature and an unreliable personality. 

On the off chance that the eyebrows resemble a straight line, the individual will wind up practical and unimaginative. 


The colored round bit of the eye is called ‘iris’. In the event that these iris glide excessively high, we will have an an unstable and disturbed person. He isn’t trust worthy. Now and again it signifies unexpected death. 

On the off chance that the iris sink excessively low in the eye, a pitiless and unreasonable nature is demonstrated. 

On the off chance that the iris is huge, in this way consuming a great part of the space in the eye, the individual can’t shroud affections and feelings. 

On the off chance that the iris is little, and thus the white bit of the eye is much observed, at that point the individual is secretive. 

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On the off chance that the hole between the two eyes is huge, the individual is expansive and communicative

On the off chance that the eyes are firmly set, at that point the individual will scrutinize others, and won’t show his sentiments. 

Shade of Eyes: 

A dark eye indicates a compelling nature than a light shaded one. Light blue shaded eyes speak to tease. Dark blue is an indication of delicate love. Brown eyed individuals are committed in love and friendship. Hazel eyes speak to a profoundly impressionable and affectionate type. Dark eyes speak to great keenness and creative mind. Green eyes mean an innovative and versatile nature. Bruised eyes give energy and tenderness.


In the event that the nose is long, the individual will be pleased with his achievements. On the off chance that short nose is discovered, we will have a free individual getting away from duty. Wide nose gives strength on mind.

Nose tilted up with nostrils obvious speaks to a spendthrift and emotional person.

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The size of the upper lip speaks to the capacity to cherish and the size of lower lip speaks to requirement for affection.

On the off chance that the lip corners are turned up, bright and friendly disposition is seen.

In the event that the lip corners are turned down, irresolute person with misery can be seen. 

Full and wide lips show exotic inclination. Thin lips show curtness and brief conduct of the individual. He will likewise be an educated individual. 


An enormous mouth is an indication of outgoing and extroverted individual. A little mouth speaks to independent, cautious and careful individuals. 


A tight, pointed or powerless jaw line speaks to less vitality and drive. They face issues in maturity. An expansive, round jawline is emblematic of liberality and good humour. An expansive and square formed jaw makes the individual work hard. It is a characteristic of consistent quality. 


A strong and deep jaw line just underneath the ear projection speaks to the individual has cooperative attitude power and vitality. Powerless jaw shows adaptability. 

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At the point when the spirit makes its body in the mother’s belly, and gradually limb by limb is shaped, the collaborations of past birth’s impulses with the spirit lead to modifications in the external body. So by watching the external body, we can appraise the internal identity of the individual. This is the root thought of face reading.