Signs of weak Moon 

Astrology is a science that deals with enormous impacts of planets on the people of the Earth.

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These impacts are because of effect of gravitational cum electromagnetic powers tossed by different planets while moving around our nearby planetary group.

Astrology is an investigation of the effect of these astronomical vibrations in the limitless field of world visa-vis microcosm and to enhance the human life – the body, mind and soul.

Moon’s gravitational effect on Earth is more prominent than that of some other planet inferable from its nearness to Earth and its generally high speed in Zodiac.

It additionally goes about as a sublime blender and channel for a wide range of astronomical vibrations before they achieve the outside of Earth. Moon’s hubs (Rahu and Ketu) should be grav imagnetic cross streets in space.

It incorporates emotional instability, uneasiness, failure to identify with other individuals, fear of intimacy and weak emotions. The person will need self-happiness and think that it’s hard to stand the stress or to retain secrets and be diplomatic throughout everyday life.

There will be emotional moodiness, discouragement and negativity. Mind might be over cloudy, dull or irritated. The mother of person may likewise endure in life in different ways.

Physical elements incorporate weakness, low body fluids, dehydration and lack of body weight, constipation, dry skin, weak lungs, bronchitis, varicose veins and kidney. There might be trouble with standing dryness and heat. For ladies there might be infertility and menstrual problems. 

Visionary Factors where the Moon is weak

  1. When winding down especially when new. 
  2. At the point when in its fall (Scorpio) 
  3. At the point when aspects by malefic. 
  4. At the point when set in a Trika house. 

Aspect of Rahu and Saturn are most troublesome except if compensated by Jupiter. It speaks to NW direction and is benefice for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Lagna, where it gives emotional strength, friendliness and love.

Moon represents to mind, mother, conception and infant age of a native. Moon in her own Nakshtra or in Nakshtra of Jupiter gives robust wellbeing; in Nakshtra of Sun native become unstable; in Nakshtra of Mars causes skin problems, complaints of menstruation; blood or urine; in Nakshtra of Mercury individual turns out to be exceedingly innovative or moody; in Nakshtra of Venus causes Venereal illnesses and poor health resistance; in Nakshtra of Saturn mental issue; in Nakshtra of Rahu causes different fears and timidity and in Nakshtra of Ketu, native winds up bad tempered and aggressive.

Psychological Indicators 

Moon represents to the mind or thoughts (Manas), our feeling potential. Primary Lunar issue is harmony and receptivity of mind. This is accomplished by surrender of mind to the divine neither by any psychological action/accomplishment nor by any surrender of power. Our feeling, sensitivity does not need to be denied or controlled. It just should be coordinated in the correct manner. 

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Divinity The directing obligation for Moon is Varun (water) yet in the event that Moon is strong, adore Goddess Durga; Kaali if Moon is weak and Chamunda if Moon is in Aries/Scorpio. 

Beej Mantra for Planet Moon: 

“Om shraam shreem shroom sah chandraye namaha” 

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Signs of weak Venus in the Horoscope 

These are lack of beauty, charm or grace, refinement, sensitivity, love or affection. Native might be increasingly coarse forceful or disgusting. The marriage might be delayed or one may have marital/ romantic issues. For men relation with ladies might be troublesome or spouse may suffer. For ladies feminine characteristics might be low. Physically there might be shortcoming of bones, kidneys, reproductive system, infertility, low vitality, poor immune system, endless urinary tract infection and complication due to over guilty pleasure in sex, eating and drinking. 

Astrological Factor

Venus is the indicator of marriage, spouse, vehicles and every physical comfort of life. It is weak when: 

  • Fall (debility) in Virgo. 
  • Combust, retrograde or lost in planetary war. 
  • Viewpoint by malefic or in 6/8 house. 

She projects to SE heading and is commonly benefice for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius Lagna, where in her higher characteristics of commitment, joy affection or imagination could be reinforced. She governs eyes, generative system, throat, jaw line, cheeks, kidney and different organs. Venus in her own Nakshtra gives good and enchanting life; in Nakshtra of Sun causes eye inconvenience; in Nakshtra of Moon, Mars or Saturn causes sexual sicknesses/ perversions; in Nakshtra of Mercury causes leukoderma, burning urination and cystitis; in Nakshtra of Jupiter it cause jaundice, urinary issues and general weakness in sex; in Nakshtra of Rahu insatiable sexual urge, leukoderma and spermatorrhea are caused. 

Psychological Indicators 

Venus speaks to our ability to extend love and magnificence. Life originates from bliss and communicates happiness. Issue with Venus is the means by which one characterizes satisfaction as ostensibly joy or as inwardly joy. True joy comes through sufferings while joy as a rule results in sufferings. The higher Venus vitality emerges through commitment, defining our love as awareness and being in all beings. 


Presiding deity for Venus is Sachi or Laxmi.

Beej Mantra:

“Om draam dreem droom sah shukraye namaha “lord shukra

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Managing divinity for Venus is Sachi or Laxmi. 

Beej Mantra: 

“Om draam dreem droom sah shukraye namaha “lord shukra