Best psychic in port shepstone

Best psychic in port shepstone

Umashankarji Indian best psychic in port shepstone says about Lord Rama. Lord Rama is the Hindu god. The hero of one of the most well known and cherish books of Indian culture. ” RAMAYANA”

The Ramayana

Ramayana story has been passed down from generation to generation even before there was written word. Rama is often depicted as a very soft nature person but on the battlefield his shourya parakrama are unbeatable. In short is truly a warrior at heart.Rama was deeply in love with his wife Seetha from heart, mind and soul. However in despite having the option to marry again, he chose to remain with her forever. He was in love with Seetha that when she was kidnapped by Ravana.

Similarly he was in pain wailing Seetha. Seetha falling on ground crying like a mad man even in front of the vanarasa. Also totally forgetting all his stature as a king. However in Ramayana it is mention many times that Rama often shed so many tears for Seetha that he lost all his strength in crying and often fell down unconscious.

Instead of seeking help from Lakshmana in the war. Also he gently asks Lakshmana to take Seetha and relax in the nearby cave. Seetha on the other hand is quite stunned. for she has never seen Rama’s dexterity at war. With enemies all around him, he fights the whole war himself standing at the center battling 14000 warriors. While Seetha who watches all this from the cave eventually realizes that her husband is more powerful.


While leaving Ayodhya, Kausalya requests him in various ways to stay back. With lot of affection. However she even tries to take advantage of his nature of adhering to dharma. By saying that it is the son’s duty according to dharma to fulfill the wishes of his mother. In addition, she asks him that isn’t it against dharma for Rama to leave Ayodhya? Rama replies detailing further dharma that it is certainly one’s duty to fulfill his mother’s wishes. but dharma also has it that when there is a contradiction between mother’s wish and father’s wish. the son must follow the father’s wish. This is a dharma sookshma.

Best psychic in port shepstone

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