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Umashankarji Best Spiritualist in Amanzimtoti says Spiritualism is studying and knowing our own subjectivity and consciousness. Ordinarily we always tries to know everything in the world but we are still not aware of our own consciousness. Right now we identify ourselves as mind and body we are unconscious about deeper inner being who is just a witness in our whole life. It remains untouched from all worldly things like sufferings, pleasures, pain, aging, birth and death. This consciousness is our real self.

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Best Spiritualist in Amanzimtoti  Umashankarji says we have been busy with outside world since we have born. Therefore why we identifies ourselves through the indentations given by this world. Mind is mechanism of our consciousness which interacts with outside world. Our thoughts, emotions, desires are results of our interactions with the world. We need them as far as world is concerned, but if we want to know our pure consciousness then we have to become silent, we have to go beyond our thoughts and desires. We can experience our true self when we become absolutely empty from thoughts, emotions, and desires. Regular practice of meditation is one of the simplest method to attain this blissful state.

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Experiencing one’s own pure consciousness is ultimate experience of life. This experience is moment of spiritual awakening or enlightenment. In Hinduism it is called MOKSHA which means ultimate freedom. Since attaining this state one becomes aware of his eternal nature which is infinite and free from birth, death, suffering and pleasures which are only related to body and mind. Without this experience our life remains illusory, narrow, superficial, and we remain unaware of our own true subjectivity.

In this journey of spirituality one need not to follow any religion, or any belief system. Since the religions, faiths, beliefs and ideology are also related to mind and body. Spirituality is a journey to experience a solid truth.Theist and atheist both can be spiritual. So believing in God is also not necessary. It also does not need to renounce the world. It just need to live with more and more awareness and regular practice of meditation.

Best Spiritualist in Amanzimtoti

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