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Umashankarji Good Medium in Gauteng says about Yoga. Yoga is a science that harnesses the innate capability of the body to improve its powers and functioning. However it can act as an instant cognitive boost. Moreover it helps relieve stress, which enhances the operation of the brain. Also, breathing through the left nostril activates the right brain and vice versa. Super brain yoga is a series of simple yoga poses that are becoming increasingly popular among professionals and educators.

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Firstly Stand tall and straight with your arms by your side.
Secondly Lift your left arm and hold your right earlobe with your thumb and index finger. Your thumb should be in front.
Thirdly Lift your right arm and hold your left earlobe. Your right arm should be over your left arm.
Finally Inhale deeply and squat down slowly to a sitting position. Stay in this position for 2-3 seconds.Gently exhale as you rise again. This completes one cycle. You may repeat this cycle about 15 times every day.

Benefits of Super Yoga

Super Yoga activates acupuncture points on the earlobe that stimulate your gray matter. This exercise helps your brain

Synchronizing left and right side of the brain.
Distributing energy levels and inducing calmness.
Stimulating thinking capacity.
Increasing mental energy.
Making you more creative.
Developing cognitive powers.
Improving focus, concentration and memory power.
Boosting decision-making skills.
Relieving stress or behavioral problems.
Making you more psychologically balanced.

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Most importantly asanas, super yoga, breathing, and meditation can all stimulate your brain power. To clarify Spare some time every day and lead a smarter life. Practicing Yoga helps develop the body and mind, yet is not a substitute for medicine.In order to stay upright and not fall, the mind clears excess clutter to focus on the balancing pose. Seated Yoga Poses Seated asanas calm the body and soothe. Furthermore contact Umashankarji for more details.

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