Hand Astrology also referred as Palmistry

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Spiritual Healer in Johannesburg Umashankarji says hand astrology also referred as Palmistry.It is safe to say that you are mindful that you can know certain substances about your life and future by just perusing from your hands? The mounts and the lines talk particularly about your life. It is called Indian palmistry, trails by countless years. What’s more, authorities who do this as their vocation. For progressively about your future.

Crystal gazing happens to be something that the vast majority of us think about however once in a while to get it. Many consider it to be the specialty of predicting occasions of things to come however actually. Vedic Astrology is far beyond that! This is the study of understanding and following the association among us and the universe. It relates human inspirations and cognizance with the developments of planets and stars. Based on the conviction that this whole universe moves and inhales as one. What’s more, every occasion associates with and can influence everybody on this planet! 

Mounts and palms in a palmistry 

At the point when you look at your palm you can find knocks of substance called mounts. And furthermore certain think and slender lines running across over palm are the lines. All things considered, authorities learn palm perusing these lines and mounts. There are 6 significant lines and different minor lines. Each line addresses each factor like head, heart, life, Saturn and Mercury. Correspondingly, there are seven mounts addressing seven heavenly assortments of the old lord of Roman and Greek sacred stories. 

Which hand must be picked for palmistry? 

Best Healer in cape town says The left hand is considered to what God has given you and the right hand is for making sense of what you do with it. There are four sorts of hand according to palmistry. They are: 

The Earth Hand 

The Earth hands sees to be emphatically square fit as in the state of the palm and fingers. The length of the palm is roughly even from the wrist to the base of the fingers. The skin may be harsh and rosy in shading. People having earth hands sees as progressively reasonable and commonsense. They gain from tests as contradicts to examining or considering from books. With respect to work in like manner, they slant toward open air to indoor and they don’t show a lot of energy for authoritative work from the Good Medium in cape town Umashankarji. 

The Air Hand 

The Air hand can in like manner be square be that as it may, generally. They are rectangular and have long fingers and low-set thumbs. They have dry skin and knuckles that jut. People with Air hands have inquisitive and scholarly abilities. They like to peruse and to become familiar with a progressively exhaustive assessment. They worry since they need to mask their notions and their tension, which can cause a person to have issues in cozy connections despite extraordinary relational abilities reach out to the best Spiritual Healer in Johannesburg – Umashankarji. 

The Water Hand 

The water hand is generally an oval-shape having the amplest bit of the palm greater than the length of it from the wrist to the base of the figures. They similarly have long and versatile fingers. People with this sort of hands are generally enthusiastic and uneven. Sometimes they feel the inability to manage their strains and have issues overseeing pressure. In any case, they are convinced via scanning for amiability and they have imaginative capacities. Foundation of Vedic crystal gazing surveys gives you an idea with respect to it. 

The Fire Hand 

The Fire Hand has shorter fingers and either flushed or pink in shading. Such people are very dynamic, touchy and on edge. They are the exceptional pioneers and have a sensible vision of what they think and about what’s to come. These reason them to be extraordinary in their contemplation’s, dispositions, and conclusions. 

If an individual learns the thoughts of these, he can be a master in palmistry, the specialty of hand perusing. 


Libra is an air sign where we bring the principles of Venus into dynamic articulation. Venus is the planet of excellence, want, nature, and human love. So the Libra cycle will ask us to be dynamically creative, interface with nature, and sustain our connections. Spiritual Healer in Johannesburg says an air sign (scholarly, and motivating development), we will search for ways to deal with change or re-balance connection all through this cycle. Both Jupiter and Mercury are moreover arranged in Libra, close to the Sun and Moon starting at now. Which incorporates the effects of our higher convictions just as our investigative personalities to our imaginative undertakings this month. 

Weakened Venus 

Venus itself, the pioneer of Libra, is by and by voyaging Virgo, his sign of debilitating. Debilitated Venus doesn’t generally interpret as “connections will be terrible,” yet it incorporates a significantly smart, descriptive, and valuable motivation to the planet of bliss and greatness. This is the opposite position to magnified Venus in Pisces. Which we experience for four months sooner this year (February through May) when we felt motivates to modify our needs and connections to our most noteworthy convictions, gauges, and reason. 

By with Venus in Virgo, we incites to explore all the little nuances of our associations and pleasurable interests, and guarantee that they are serving some sensible necessity for us on the earth plane. We may similarly be examining our associates or others around us, and getting up to speed around the subtleties of language or musings. With Venus administering this up and the up and coming lunar cycle and Mercury joining close to the Sun and Moon at its start; need for sensibility will be solid this month. 

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The Vedic nakshatra where this lunar cycle starts is Chitra, “the splendid.” This splendid star in Virgo (Chitra ranges Virgo and Libra) is driven by Vishvakarma, the god known as the heavenly engineer. Envision the vitality of one who can place all of the stars in the sky and set them in flawless movement. Love spells in cape town says that sort of both exact and imaginative vitality is what we can get this month. There is an incredible imaginative power here, and phenomenal potential for improving connections. It is moreover a consistent imperativeness for dealing with, fixing, or revamping your home space.