Vastu in Vedas

Vastu in Vedas

Umashankarji Indian best psychic in centurion with his astrological skills and ability gives a good service to his follower. Vastu in Vedas helps with the will to make his followers get back their smile. However this blog he will discuss on some vastu tips for your dream home and other construction unit.

What is Vastu?

Vasanivase is the base of the term Vastu, which means an appropriate spot for living. According to the ancient books of vedic astrology it is the science of architecture, ‘Vastu’ derives from Vedas. Whenever the astrology which is said to be a part of Vedanga, and Upaveda is known as Vastu. 

Vastu is a Sanskrit word that implies Vaas: a spot where you live or belong. Vastu is a segment or part of Yajur Veda. There are four Vedas according to holy books of Hindus, which are Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda.

A piece of Yajur Veda is call Sthapatya Vidya, which means the art of building, which manages with construction or design of the building. An individual who is a specialist and helps other people with construction or design of the building is call Sthapathi. 

Vastu Shastra

Best psychic in centurion Vastu Shastra helps with construction or design of the building houses that are built by people, which incorporates living houses, also workplaces, industry, and factories. As indicate by Hindu mythology, each creation is a Vastu. 

Certainly it is accept that a very much pursue Vastu building shields its inhabitants from obstructions, upheavals and natural calamities. The five components in the name of Vastu are Earth, Water, Space, Air and Fire; which stays intact in a set down extent.

The purpose behind this is fundamentally in light of the fact that there is a legitimate equalization among these five components that produces bio-electric vitality, this vitality grants great wellbeing, fortune, prosperity to individuals dwelling in that house. 

Some other factors in vastu of any building


Subsequently is trust that when you light a lamp in the house it avoids all the negative energies. One can light oil lamp and spot it in the east heading.

The light should least have two wicks; you can likewise have a limit of 5 to 7 wicks on a light. The light ought to never confront south as it isn’t view as favourable. The light ought to never be lit with one wick. You can likewise keep a light before a god, or near to Tulasi plant in the courtyard for spiritual benefits.


Trees might be plant on the South or West direction and ought not to be excessively near the house.

South direction of the property is perfect for trees as it will obstruct the negative energies from the South-West direction. Additionally, ensure the part of the tree isn’t in contact with the building, since this way positive rays won’t be gotten by the building.

The good trees that can be plant are Coconut, Neem, Jackfruit, Mango, Amla and so on.

10 Vital Vastu Tips 

  1. Each house should have a protective compound divider. 
  2. East or North is ideally said to be the spot for the primary entrance, yet there ought not to be a compound divider before it. 
  3. The divider on the North-Eastern side of your property ought to have a base height. On the off chance that the divider on the eastern side is tall, it is believe that it blocks the entry of prosperity, so ought to be small in height. The divider on the south side can be tall and overwhelming. 
  4. The beam or column ought not cross in the centre in any room of the house. 
  5. The balcony or terrace of the house ought to be either in the East or on the Northern side. 
  6. A shaft, a Well or a sanctuary ought not be develop before the principle passage of the house. 
  7. In the event that there is a slope it ought to be towards East, North-East or even North, comparably, the slope of the plinth ought to likewise be a similar direction.
  8. The passageway of your home ought not to be confronting the front of any opposite house. 
  9. The Southern or the Western course is most appropriate for construction of upper floor. 
  10. The Center space of the house is allott to space and consequently ought to have the least activity.

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